Simon Lichtenberg Awarded Tour Card

Simon Lichtenberg Awarded Tour Card

Although it was made clear at the outset of the competition that the World Snooker tour card would be available to players nominated from a National Federation that was a member of the World Snooker Federation (WSF), the National Federation for snooker in Germany (the DBU) took the decision not to join the WSF. This was despite the closing date for membership being extended from 16th January to 31st January 2018. It is very disappointing that the result of that decision is that the EBSA Under 21 winner Simon Lichtenberg has not yet been offered a place to compete on the World Snooker Tour.

Neither the WSF or EBSA wish to see any player being prejudiced by a negative approach taken by their National Federation. The WSF and EBSA have carefully considered the case regarding the EBSA Under 21 Champion Simon Lichtenberg. It is our view that politics should play no part in the sport and should not impact on the future career of a young and talented player. Taking into account the exceptional individual circumstances of this case, the decision has now been taken to allow Simon Lichtenberg to take up a 2 year tour card to compete on the World Snooker Tour beginning in the 2018/19 season.

It is expected that the DBU will become a member of the WSF. Should membership be received before the 1st of March, further opportunities will also be available to amateur players from Germany to qualify for the tour and earn additional places in the 2018 World Snooker Championships in Sheffield. Entry to the WSF Championships are only permitted from the growing number WSF member federations.

It has been made clear that there are no barriers to membership of the WSF, official national and regional federations can remain a member of any other organisation they wish to affiliate to. The WSF exists as the recognised pathway to the World Snooker Tour and to ensure alongside the WPBSA that there is a strict code of governance in place for our sport. Its mission is to provide playing opportunities in major events, prepare and educate elite performing amateur players for a long and successful career in our sport.

WSF Championship 2018

WSF Championship 2018

Entries are now open to the inaugural World Snooker Federation Championships, to take place from 14-24 March 2018 at the Dolmen Hotel, Malta.

Eligible players

National Federations who are members of the World Snooker Federation can nominate the following players to compete at the WSF Championships:

  • 4 players to WSF Championship (entries may be of mixed gender) (players must be aged 13 on 18th March 2018).
  • 4 players to the WLBS World Women’s Snooker Championship (consideration will also be given to the current WLBS ranking list).
  • 4 players to WSF Seniors Championship (entries may be of mixed gender) must be 40 or over on 14th March 2018).
  • To register players National Federations must use the following link:
  • Documents

    • WSF Invitation letter to National Federations
    • WSF Championship 2018 Standard Conditions of Entry
    • WSF Championship Player Information Sheet
    • WLBS World Women’s Championship Player Information Sheet
    • WSF Seniors Championship Player Information Sheet
    • WPBSA Members Rules
    • WPBSA Disciplinary Rules

    Tournament information

    The Championships will consist of three events; the WSF Championship, the WLBS World Women’s Snooker Championship and the WSF Seniors Championship.

    • WSF Championship winner to receive a first prize of €10,000 and earn a two-year tour card for the World Snooker Tour
    • The four semi-finalists of the WSF Championship will all be invited to compete at the 2018 World Snooker Championship
    • WLBS World Women’s Championship winner to receive €6,000 and will qualify to enter the 2018 World Snooker Championship
    • WSF Seniors Championship winner to receive €6,000 and will be invited to compete at a major international World Seniors event
    • The best eight players of both the Women’s and Seniors events will automatically qualify to play in the WSF Championship
WSF News

WSF News

Representatives of the WPBSA and World Snooker Federation (WSF) were pleased to attend a meeting with the IBSF hosted by the WCBS in Lausanne on 18th January 2018. At the meeting it was established that the constitution clearly states that the snooker member of the WCBS is currently an organisation known as the WSF. The WCBS board acknowledged that their interpretation of this snooker membership was to recognise the independent memberships of the WPBSA and IBSF.

There was clear progress as the IBSF recognised that the WSF would continue to exist as a pathway for Players to attain professional status, although there were differences of opinion as to how this could be achieved. The WPBSA confirmed that if the WPBSA holds individual membership of the WCBS, it also holds this membership on behalf of the WSF and its many members. It was firmly established at the meeting that for qualification to the World Snooker Tour federations staging or sending players to tour qualifying events must be members of the World Snooker Federation. The WSF has always been clear that National Federations can be members of any other National, Regional or International Federation and this remains the case.

The WPBSA committed to a further meeting on 6th February with the IBSF to explore how the WSF and IBSF can coexist.

It was recognised by all parties that the WCBS constitution is in need of review to ensure compliance to the current Olympic Charter.

The WPBSA feels that it was unfortunate that following this meeting the WCBS saw fit to release a statement saying that it does not recognise the WSF, considering the WSF formed a significant part of these discussions. It is our view that this was misleading, premature and unhelpful to the proposed discussions between the WPBSA/WSF and IBSF.

The WPBSA and WSF do not think that it is appropriate to comment further until after the scheduled meeting in February, however in the meantime the WSF will continue to welcome new members, support its existing membership and develop its qualification events.

EBSA European Snooker Championships 2018

We can also confirm that the deadline for National Federations to become WSF members and enable their players to compete for main tour places at the 2018 EBSA European Championships, has been extended to the 31st January 2018. This date will not be extended further and it is a firm policy that qualification to gain WPBSA membership and a place the World Snooker Tour can only be earnt by players nominated by National Federations who are members of the WSF.

UAE Joins the World Snooker Federation

UAE Joins the World Snooker Federation

The World Snooker Federation (WSF) is today delighted to announce that the UAE Billiards & Snooker Association (UAEBSA) has become the latest national federation to become a full member of the WSF.

A delegation of President Jason Ferguson and Vice President Nigel Mawer QPM from the WSF recently visited Dubai to meet with representatives from the UAEBSA including Khalid Ali Al Khaili and former professional snooker player Mohamed Shehab, on behalf of Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum.

Following fruitful discussions, it became clear that both bodies share a vision for the governance of cue sports and we are delighted to be working in partnership in the future.

Under the new agreement the UAEBSA will allow the WSF and its members use of the UAE Snooker Academy in Dubai for playing practice and the training of new coaches and referees to support the future development of the sport.

The WSF will support the UAEBSA with future development initiatives, which includes a schools project to help nurture the next generation of snooker talent in the region. It is the vision of the WSF that the Academy will become a key stop off point for professional players to visit and be able to practice during their travels across the globe.

Shebab Picture

Shebab Picture

WSF President Jason Ferguson said: “We were overwhelmed by the support that we received from UAEBSA during our recent visit and are now delighted to welcome them to the WSF family. This is another key milestone in the development of the WSF as we recognise the UAE as a significant area for the future development of billiards sports and we look forward to working together over the coming years.”

Mohamed Shehab said: “Upon meeting with Jason and Nigel we found that the WSF shares our vision for the future and that’s why we didn’t hesitate to join them. I’m sure that together we will build something strong for our sport. The UAE can be the right stop for all of the professional players on their way to China or UK and that in itself is an honour to us.

The UAE has hosted many successful amateur snooker championships in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Fujairah. It will be a very unique experience to host one here working with the World Snooker Federation in the future.

Our simple words to the WSF are that as far as we are helping the sport, the UAE Snooker Academy is yours!”

The UAEBSA is the latest international body to become a full member of the WSF, where they will sit alongside its many members including the WPBSA.

WSF News

Mike Peachey Appointed to WSF Board

The World Snooker Federation (WSF) is today delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Peachey to its board of directors as Treasurer.

Peachey has vast experience in the administration of cue sports with his previous roles having seen him serve on the board of the World Confederation of Billiard Sports (WCBS) from 2005-2010, during which he was appointed to the WCBS Organising Committee to the 2009 World Games in Chinese Taipei. Mike was also the official WCBS board member selected to represent Cue Sports during the Asian Games held in Vietnam, and has also previously served as President of both the Australian Billiards and Snooker Council and the Oceania Billiards and Snooker Federation.

With a long-standing interest in billiards sports spanning 40 years, Peachey has also acted as a tournament referee at international level and been involved with billiards sports media as both a correspondent and distributor.

Mike Peachey said:

“I am honoured to be able to take up the position of Treasurer within the WSF. From day one I have been convinced that the WSF will take our sport forward and that the opportunity to be able to work closely with National and Regional Federations, World Billiards, World Ladies Billiards & Snooker and World Disability Billiards and Snooker, will ensure a major future for our sport.

“I will give my total commitment to the WSF and I am convinced that the team can make a positive difference for the future of both snooker and billiards.”

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said:

“I am delighted to be able to welcome someone with the wealth of high-level administrative experience and commitment to billiards sports that Mike has demonstrated for so long. His understanding of International Olympic Committee structures and hard-earned reputation across the world for his work means that he will be a valuable addition to our team.

“It is crucial that the WSF is able to represent billiards sports at a global level and this appointment underlines our commitment to the Oceania region.”